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  1. >Carbon dioxide is beneficial.

    ? CO2 is constantly exhaled by people. Is this anything like the pants-pissing cowardice of “mAsKs BlOcK oXyGeN”?

  2. Handshaking

    Assemble in classes

    Swap microbes to increase immunity.

    60 percent of Europe must be saved from the Black Death. The other 40% is a waste of time. Idiots should have developed immunity more quickly.

  3. I believe I have lost some brain cells as a result of seeing this. It was almost as if I could see them shrivel and die.

  4. In this mountain of dumb, it may be the least of our worries, but Homo sapiens has only been around for 100,000 to 200,000 years. And if you include the ancestors of Homo sapiens, the total time span exceeds 300,000 years. Australopithecus lived somewhere around 3.2 million years ago.

  5. Imagine living in the midst of a global pandemic for over a year and having no idea why people are wearing masks in the first place.

    If you told this individual that their water pipes were completely filled with dihydrogen monoxide, I’m sure they’d freak out.

  6. Coddling the immune system is the worst thing you can do about it. They must fight their own fights. Sabre would set up hand de-sanitizing stations if they really cared about our health. A simple bowl at each crossroads, filled with dirt, blood, and feces…

  7. I find it fascinating that masks are useless against Covid because the virus is too small to be blocked, but CO2 is suddenly a problem… Covid is 100 times the size of CO2!

  8. I’m just amazed that after 300,000 years, someone is still modest enough to run a small store.

    E: I despise autocorrect.

  9. All this pearl clutching about “breathing in CO2,” but no mention of how doctors and surgeons will wear them for 12-24 hours at a time right before the pandemic.

    JFC, too, with the second sign. The issue, you fuckin numbskulls, is “swapping microbes”…

  10. If anyone could actually create a mask with a 3 angstrom weave that actually traps CO2, I’d be blown away.

    But then again, a 3 angstrom weave will also trap the O2 in your mask, so it’d only be trapping the air around your nose and mouth.

  11. At work, I overheard one of my customers saying that sanitizing my hands between transactions was unsanitary. Using alcoholic hand sanitizer, for example. With alcohol…the stuff that’s been used to disinfect things for thousands of years.

    I’m not sure where he got that or whether he was just making stuff up, but you’d have to be a complete moron to believe anything like that.

  12. Doctors and nurses are pretty stupid because of all the C02 they inhale. I’ve always been curious as to why they wore those masks…/s

  13. I had a couple of fat old dudes making fun of my boyfriend and me for wearing masks the last time I was in Huntington. You stupidass, it’s not like I’m trying to save your fat old life. HB in its original form

  14. Finland erred on the side of caution and adopted the international consensus on how to deal with the pandemic.

    There are 87,000 cases in total. There were 914 deaths.

    Sweden, right next door, tried the “let’s create herd immunity and exchange microbes” strategy.

    There are 973,804 cases in total. There were 14,048 deaths.

  15. Because of the events of the past year, I’ve decided to boycott Huntington Beach. Too many companies and individuals have become plague rats during this, and I no longer want to help them.

  16. It’s ironic that it refers to 300,000 years of human life, but most people would tell you that the world is just 6,000 years old if you ask them.

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