Please don’t bring your dogs grocery shopping unless they truly are trained support animals. Sniffed my cart, sniffed food, no tags/vest.

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  1. I work at a grocery store, and unfortunately, when it comes to telling customers not to bring their dogs in, there is nothing we can do. It is only permissible for management to inquire whether it is a service animal, and if they say yes, we have to let it be.

  2. Sadly, there’s nothing management can say or do, so everybody hates it. I can’t tell you how many times, even without covering it up, a dog has urinated/defecated down the aisles.

    The little angry dog of an older woman bit a coworker and only then did they tell her she was unable to bring it in.

  3. Under existing legislation, including asking whether it is a service animal and what the dog is qualified to do, they can’t do much. But they will kick it out if it makes a mess, assaults or hurts people, even if it is a service animal.

  4. Some of the worst confrontations with members were over some attempting to bring non-service animals into the house. The former Costco manager here… From dogs, cats, lizards, frogs, to parrots, I’ve seen everything.

  5. I agree with OP. Yea. My neighbor’s dog bit me, and the fucking owner just laughed and told me not to worry that there was no rabies on her dog. I ended up sucking up all of her hospital bills. Fck the entitled owners in public areas and their untrained pets. Train the animals and just carry service animals to grocery stores. Some individuals are also strongly allergic to fur.

  6. As a grocery store employee, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. The people who come in with their dog in a service animal jacket that they purchased from the Amazon are even worse. There’s no way your goddamn chihuahua is a support animal in hell just because it wears a support animal vest.

  7. My dog is my boy, and I’m going to battle anybody who’s trying to convince me otherwise. But he has no room in a grocery store, which is just fundamental decency.

  8. I’m going to take the sniffing dog over the unmasked man with his head practically sniffing the smells of bread at Sprouts the other day in the fresh roll bin.

  9. Retail workers who have moved from the UK to the US. I’ve had more dog pee and crap washed up than I ever thought I could do this kind of job. The number of times that I have been barked at is laughable as well. The very thought that someone has to take their German shep to go back home to buy beer and pizza rolls is beyond the realm of possibility, but I got so used to it.

    Give an inch to give

  10. I saw a lady coming into my Sprouts with a very excited cockatiel in a small carrying case the other day. As the bird chirped and paced back and forth, all the kids in the store ran over to say hello. It seemed like the lady felt that it was an educational hour or something.

    God is awesome, beer is delicious, and people are nuts.

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