Mug shots of the two ppl that shot and killed aiden.

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  1. The girl might claim that her life was in danger, so she drove behind the automobile, didn’t inform anyone, and hid the automobile. With an aggressive boyfriend, I’m having mental health issues. How about a bet on how many years she’ll get? 20 to 30 years?

  2. When he ultimately reaches a lovely level 3 or 4 State Prison, I believe he will have that same terrified shitless look. There will be retribution.

  3. Is it the same guy from the Instagram account? He doesn’t look anything like him.

    Edit: nvm, he’s the one with the tattoo.

  4. I know I shouldn’t judge individuals based on their look, but I can’t help but believe one of these persons is more guilty than the other…

  5. What are we teaching our children when so many individuals are willing to kill or murder someone over something so insignificant? They assassinate people they don’t even know. For some reason, it appears that a lot of individuals are trigger happy right now. Every day, there should be a public service announcement reminding people that life is precious and that little confrontations are best avoided. Take the high road; it will make you a better person.

  6. The lawyer who represents the woman will be compensated handsomely by her family. To get her sentence reduced to 5-7 years, she’ll need a pretty good costly one.

  7. I was terrified of driving the 55 or 91, which is how I got to work. I’m delighted they captured these horrible, horrible individuals, as well as the other scumbag who was firing up the same highways with a BB gun. What is wrong with these people that they would consider committing something so heinous to perfect strangers? I have no idea.

  8. I’m curious if the girl in this article is the same as the one in this article.

    If that’s the case, I just found it sad; she appears to have a history of depression and a hard time fitting the demands of Asian culture and family.

  9. Hopefully Wynne will turn on Marcus immediately and make this an easy case. The DA might refuse to bargain, though, if they have enough evidence.

  10. I pity Aiden’s family so badly. I hope his mother will rest easy knowing she did everything she could to safeguard her child, including identifying that automobile and the persons inside. Her awareness of the situation will result in her kid receiving justice. Aiden must be incredibly proud of his mother. Aiden, rest in peace.

  11. **You’re progressively deafening yourself, turn that crap down!** if your headphones are loud enough for anyone around you to hear.

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