Membership Criteria

  • Members must pay annual dues as set by the board. 
  • Agree to work towards 80% of all “work” to be done in Orange County. 
    • This includes providing employee headcount and role percentages each year and showing and increase in amount of development or related positions. 
  • Each member will get one (1) vote. 

Criteria for Large, Multinational Companies 

  • If the company has locations outside of Orange County then the above criteria may be met at a product level as long as the development for said product meets or aims to meet the 80% criteria over the course of one calendar year.
    • For example, Twitch is an Orange County company owned by Amazon. If Twitch meets the 80% rule then Twitch is eligible to be a part of Coded in OC. 
    • Another example: If Company A has multiple products and the primary development team is located in Orange County and meets the 80% criteria or aims to meet this level then Company A is eligible but the product name will need to be included with all branding material used when representing their membership. 

Membership Declaration Points 

  • Expectations: to maintain voting privileges the members/representatives must be involved with the organization through participation on a committee or at events (50%) and provide contributions to educational or advocacy materials. 
  • Representatives should be active on Coded in OC Slack channels. 

What they can and can’t do: 

  • Members cannot enter into agreements, contracts or partnerships on behalf of Coded in OC.


  • WORK/PRODUCT: The type of labor or tasks your company employees do in the realm of software development and architecture. See Work & Work product qualifiers below. 
  • Employee Headcount and Role Percentage: Each member company is required to have employees/independent contractors in Orange County related to Code Development (e.g. Software / Front-end / Backend / Full-stack / Middle-tier / Web / Desktop / Mobile / Game Developers).
    • Supporting roles (e.g. UI/UX Designer, Technical Project Manager, Graphic Design, and similar) will count towards the 80% percent requirement.
    • If the member company utilizes teams outside of Orange County then this will be taken under consideration when evaluating the overall percentage.
  • SERVICE: The action of doing software related work for a 3rd party company. 

Work & Work Product Qualifiers: 

  • Service based Agency: If you provide a service where you build a product that is delivered to a client. 
  • Consumer Product(s): If you build/code/develop a product which is used as the core product of your business.
  • Internal Support Product(s): If you build internal tools that are used in support of your company.