Membership of the association is open for companies that fulfill the criteria of the association.

Updated Oct 4, 2018.


Usage rights can be granted for software products, provided that they are developed in Orange County, California and at minimum of 80 percent.

Software Development Service

Usage rights can be granted for companies provided that at least 80 percent of the production of the software development services delivered to customers was produced in Orange County, California.

The Coded in OC insignia can also be applied to services that are oriented abroad but fulfill the same criterion.

In corporate image communications the Code in OC symbol must specifically refer to the company name or brand and only those products or services that have been granted usage rights.
The company may also use the insignia in its corporate communications, such as in image or brand advertising, on the condition that all company products fulfill the criteria of section 1 or all software development services the company offers to customers fulfill the criteria of section 2 (or all criteria if the company produces both, etc.)

Code in OC may cancel usage rights if the applicant has given the association incorrect information or the association considers the applicant to have misled the association in some other way.

Usage rights will similarly be cancelled if the insignia is used incorrectly, misleadingly, or unethically, and if the member organization acts in breach of these rules or their spirit.

The right to use the insignia is valid for one (1) year at a time, and it is tied to being a member of the association.



Production comprises the following:


User interface design
Graphic design
Production also accounts for work done by subcontractors.

Production does not include open source components used in the product or software components licensed from
third parties as far as they are not customer-specifically produced for the company in question.