This committee is in charge of creating and organizing member meetups, special events with other committees, and collaborating on larger events with member companies.


This committee focuses on exploring the local job market, highlighting talent, advising on best practices around recruitment, defining and refining job descriptions, and hosting educational workshops.


This committee oversees all branding and coordinates the various engagements needed in regards to members, support partners, and community partners.


This committee is responsible for evaluating all new potential companies that are seeking to become members or support partners. It is also in charge of managing all community partners. Additionally works with the Marketing committee to attract new member companies.


This committee is comprised of board members and all leads and co-leads from the other committees. Its purpose is to oversee and guide the organization on an ongoing basis.


This committee is in charge of the website and other supporting technologies such as Slack.

Committee Signup

If you are interested in joining any of the committees listed please reach out to Rachel Valentine, Dewey Bushaw, or Steve Getman on Slack.